How is Oz-Chill Blended?

Oz-Chill Refrigerants have a number of hydrocarbon products available.  This includes both pure hydrocarbons(R290 & R600a) and a range of blends (OZ-30, OZ-40 & OZ-50) which are designed to replace chemical refrigerants.  These blends have been specifically designed to replace HCFC R22, HFC R134a, HFC R404a, HFC R407c, HFC R410a and others.

What makes Oz-Chills range of Hydrocarbon Blends so special?

Oz-Chill’s hydrocarbon refrigerant blends are near Azeotropic.  They are just 0.1% from being complete azeotropic.

Oz-Chill’s blended refrigerants such as OZ-30, OZ-40, OZ-50 are ‘near’ azeotropic mixtures which meet the UL2182 standard. In the standard of UL2182, it requires to analysis the composition of refrigerants with 90% and 15% charging amount in the cylinder. Oz-Chill’s refrigerants have passed the standard under the following conditions.

– 90% charging : -18.28℃, 25.0℃, 54.4℃

– 15% charging : -18.28℃, 25.0℃, 60.0℃

In order to analyze the separation of refrigerant composition, Oz-Chill’s blends have been tested under the above two conditions using a Gas Chromatography device and compared with initial composition. It turned out to be 0.1% less in difference.

What does Azeotropic mean?

Azeotropic mixtures are usually binary mixtures that behave like a pure fluid, i.e., under constant pressure they condense and evaporate at a constant temperature and the composition of the mixture in the vapour and liquid phases will be the same. Also any refrigerant leak from the system does not change the composition of the remaining refrigerant.

Since the composition at which an azetropic mixture is formed is a function of temperature, no true azeotropic mixtures exist in refrigeration, however, for most of the standard azeotropic mixtures, the composition change is small. Azeotropic mixtures have been very widely used in refrigeration, for example the popular cold storage refrigerant R502 is a mixture of R22 and R152a. R410a, a mixture of R32 and R125 is an azeotropic mixture used in place of R22.

What does Zeotropic mean?

Non-Azeotropic Refrigerant mixtures (NARMs), also known as Zeotropic mixtures exhibit a significant temperature variation during constant pressure phase change process, such as condensation and evaporation. Also, at equilibrium the composition in vapour and liquid phases will be different. As a result of this, if there is a leakage (in vapour form) from the system, the composition of remaining refrigerant will become different from the original composition.