Why Become an Oz-Chill Distributor?


 As the demand and popularity for Oz-Chill’s energy efficient, environmentally safe and quality assured products increases, the need and requirement for local access and distribution has risen.  Therefore Oz-Chill is currently seeking the most suitable and qualified partners/distributors who wish to create a mutually beneficial relationship to promote and sell Oz-Chill’s range of products.
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Why stock and sell Oz-Chill’s range of products?

  • Exciting technology and range of products
  • Strong income potential – Oz-Chill will send you clients and sales too
  • Huge growth Industry
  • Establish a new business or add a new product line
  • Full product and technical support
  • New and innovative marketing and advertising support
  • Energy Efficient and Environmentally Safe range of products

Oz-Chill hydrocarbon refrigerants Bottle

Oz-Chill is aggressively expanding in Australia and throughout the international markets.  We are seeking dedicated, energetic and motivated companies and distributors to build a strong distribution network in their region.  Each distributor will be licensed to sell the following products:

  • OZ-290 – High Quality R290
  • OZ-600a – High Quality R600a
  • OZ-30 – Energy efficient and Environmentally Safe replacement for HFC R134a.
  • OZ-40 – Energy efficient and Environmentally Safe replacement for HCFC R22.
  • Oz-50 – Energy efficient and Environmentally Safe replacement for HCFC’s & HFC’s.

Oz-Chill has designed a marketing and distribution model to provide the highest quality and level of service to it’s clients while also allowing a unique and profitable model for Distributors.


Why should YOU distribute Oz-Chill’s range of Natural Refrigerants in your region?

  • Guaranteed power savings of 10% plus*.
  • Carefully formulated to embody the best thermodynamic properties; leading to high energy efficiency.
  • Guaranteed to lower the operating temperature of your system.
  • Guaranteed to reduce the overall temperature of your system.
  • Guaranteed to reduce wear and tear; therefore reducing repairs and maintenance costs.
  • Guaranteed up to 99% refined purity.
  • Non-corrosive.
  • 100% Eco-Friendly
  • Zero Ozone Depletion Potential. (0 ODP)
  • Minimal 3 Global Warming Potential ( 3GWP)

* Guaranteed savings are applicable only if Oz-Chill refrigerants are used in total replacement of chemical refrigerants like HCFC and HFC’s.


As part of becoming an Oz-Chill Distributor, Oz-Chill will provide your company and technicians with technical support.  Just contact us or send an email through to  If required, Oz-Chill can also provide training through the College of Climate Change.  Either via the internet or in person.


Oz-Chill’s model believes strongly in partnering with companies in local markets to provide their clients with support and service that surpasses their expectations.  We wish to develop new, long term business relationships with motivated companies interested in selling and supporting our product lines.

If you are interested in Distributing our range of products in your region please contact us via email ( or click below.

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