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As a replacement for an aging centralised ammonia refrigerant plant, two R290 water-cooled water chillers have been installed at Mortons Dairies plant in Maghull. The eco-friendly system has a modular structure, which enables it to expand according to the company’s needs and fares well both in terms of reducing business and environmental costs.
We would like to introduce and say a big congratulation and welcome to our new NSW Business Development Manager, Warren Westbrook. Warren has had over 30 years experience in the HVAC&R industry. His range of experience consists of him working with Daikin, Hitachi, York, The department of Housing & Construction, the Department of Environmental Climate Change and many others.
Brian Summerfield from the Refrigeration Doctor received a recent call from one of his customers. His customer has a frozen kebab business and is required to deliver frozen kebabs from their factory on to their customers individual stores. They are delivered using refrigerated vans and they’re vans usually have to be driving at 100km/hr to keep it at minus 18.
After a clients 120kw (two 60kw stages) water chiller received an R22 leak in the compressor, they wanted to assess their options. When Oz-Chills energy efficient OZ-50 hydrocarbon refrigerant option was presented, the clients were happy to trial it on one side.
A study commissioned by the Australian Government reveals that approximately 8% of passenger and light commercial vehicles in Australia use hydrocarbons refrigerants for their air conditioning system. Therefore out of the 14.6 million vehicle population, there are approximately 1.2 million vehicles using hydrocarbons.
After a Perth Ice Making company lost their full charge of 123kg’s of R22 on their system, they were forced to look at their options. After talking to their current refrigeration mechanics they decided to go with the Oz-Chill 22a product. A full site assessment was completed before considering the Oz-Chill 22a product. This included the location of the system and all aspects of the electrical equipment.