Engineers employed by a Major European Supermarket have designed a way to switch all their systems to hydrocarbons

dubai-pork2We frequently hear from businesses who are already established and wondering whether making the switch to hydrocarbon refrigerants for all their refrigeration and cooling needs is really worth it… When you do the calculations, in most cases it really is, in most cases saving thousands, or in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars over a relatively short period of time.

One issue that we need to discuss with larger organisations is how we make the switch quickly, economically and with as little disruption as possible to your operations. Every case is different, but we were very impressed by the detail that a major European supermarket (Waitrose) has taken to document their procedures.

The document below outlines the new design standard for refrigeration to all Waitrose new stores and major refits. It demonstrates how refrigeration integrates with building services and explains why hydrocarbon refrigerant was selected. You’ll notice that there is a significant carbon and cost savings achieved. This is a result of virtually eliminating total leakage and improving store energy efficiency. This document also shows how Hydrocarbon refrigerant has been safely applied in equipment ranging from display cabinets to chillers, and the procedures which have been developed so engineers can work safely on Hydrocarbon systems.

Well worth a read!